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  • 300+ well-designed flash templates.
  • 60+ stylish transition effects.
  • Customize your own template style.
  • Share video/photo slideshow online with others.

Latest updated: November 19th, 2014
Version: 5.58
File Size: 37.9 MB
Platform: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Download Photo Flash Maker Platinum
Flash Slideshow Maker

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Version history

  • PFM Platinum
  • PFM Professional
  • PFM Free
  • HTML5 Mac
Version history of Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum
  • New features of Version 5.58
  • *Remove Go2Album service.
  • *Fix some minor bugs.
  • New features of Version 5.57
  • *Added browser compatibility to all HTML5 slideshow templates.
  • *Added 2 series of HTML5 templates: HTML5[Scroll Bar] and HTML5[Speed].
  • New features of Version 5.56
  • *Solved the running problem on Windows 8.
  • *Added four kinds of HTML5 templates. They are HTML5[Headlines], HTML5[Hyaline], HTML5[Shrink] and HTML5 [Transparent].
  • New features of Version 5.55
  • *Added three kinds of HTML5 templates. They are HTML5[Gallery], HTML5[Brief], HTML5[Aura].
  • *Fixed some minor bugs in the old HTML5 templates.
  • New features of Version 5.53
  • *Added eight kinds of HTML5 templates. They are HTML5[Christmas1], HTML5[Christmas2], HTML5[Christmas3], etc.
  • New features of Version 5.52
  • *Solved the problem of exporting customized templates.
  • New features of Version 5.51
  • *Changed the program named from Photo Flash Maker to Photo Slideshow Maker.
  • *Solved the problem of previewing local HTML5 slideshows in Chrome and Opera. Users do not need to customize the settings with browsers any more.
  • *Added two kinds of new HTML5 themes. They are HTML5[lumen] and HTML5[quiet].
  • New features of Version 5.50
  • *Added three kinds of HTML5 templates. They are HTML5 [Digit], HTML5 [Bottom Thumbnail] and HTML5 [Cool].
  • *Fixed minor bugs of video playback in HTML5 templates.
  • New features of Version 5.48
  • *New version for the changed digital signature.
  • New features of Version 5.47
  • *Added the function of adding FLV, mp4 and ogg video in HTML5 template.
  • New features of Version 5.46
  • *Added two series of HTML5 Templates.
  • *Added the solution for previewing and opening local HTML5 slideshow in Chrome and Opera.
  • New features of Version 5.45
  • *Solved the sound issue of HTML5 templates slideshow when using Firefox to open Go2Album.
  • *Added the function of showing name and description of the photos when using the HTML5 templates.
  • *Added the function of offering the options for previewing slideshow with the browsers installed in computer (Chrome excluded).
  • New features of Version 5.44
  • *Adds series of HTML5 templates for making exquisite flash slideshow compatible with HTML5.
  • New features of Version 5.43
  • *Adds 3 series of video gallery templates in Video Theme: Video Gallery [Number], Video Gallery [Control Button], Video Gallery [Top Thumbnail].
  • New features of Version 5.42
  • *Adds web album[compact] template in Web Album Theme; adds Christmas 17, 18, 19, and Father's Day template in Premium Theme.
  • New features of Version 5.41
  • *Adds 3D Flat Wall templates to bring your 3D galleries into dynamic life.
  • *Provides art effects for editing photos, including the effects of depth dim, wave, dist, rain, snow, wax paint, etc.
  • *Enables to add text in Template Editor; and choose from custom themes to direct edit on it.
  • New features of Version 5.40
  • *Adds the prompt dialog box to prompt users to download the corresponding premium templates from the internet.
  • New features of Version 5.39
  • *Adds memory function for "Customize Properties"; when using Premium templates, the program automatically saves and adjusts the customization properties.
  • *Adds the "Add Dynamic Text" function, which also enables the memory function for the customization properties.
  • *Optimizes the photo resolution; displays and saves images with higher quality.
  • New features of Version 5.35
  • *Adds random playing feature to templates under Professional, Video and Premium themes.
  • *Allows hotkey display controlling in templates under Video and Premium themes.
  • *Adds new components to Template Editor.
  • *Adds URL feature to the thumbnails in webAlbum[carousel].
  • *Fixed some minor bugs in Web Album theme.
  • New features of Version 5.32
  • *Auto checks if flash player is installed on user's computer when start the program.
  • *Premium flash templates: support adding more than 128 pictures; new parameters added.
  • *XML-driven templates support outputing multi-music files; unedited music doesn't have to be converted.
  • *Adds some options on the right-click menu of the added photos; changes the interface of the photo editing area.
  • *Advanced templates can be saved to project file now.
  • New features of Version 5.31
  • *Adds some new Premium flash templates to Premium template.
  • *Adds Template Editor for editing Premium templates.
  • *Changes the default path of downloaded Premium flash templates.
  • *Provides dozens of downloadable Preloaders of Premium flash templates.
  • New features of Version 5.30
  • *Improves interface.
  • *Provides online downloads for Premium flash templates.
  • *Modifies other details of Premium flash templates.
  • New features of Version 5.27
  • *Adds zoom in and zoom out function to most templates while slideshow shows in web browser.
  • New features of Version 5.26:
  • *Adds simple Flash templates for 32 teams of FIFA World Cup.
  • New features of Version 5.25:
  • *Adds a music control button for all Flash templates and Adds the option to play back background music in a loop way.
  • New features of Version 5.22:
  • *Supports adding photos, music, FLV files from network folder.
  • *Support displaying music meta information (music name, author, etc.).
  • *Refines the setup file to support multi-language.
  • New features of Version 5.21:
  • *Updates the Theme window to fix the bug of the background refreshing.
  • *Adds two new Video templates namely videoGallery[thumbnailList], videoGallery[simple].
  • *Adds transition effects from #22 to #29.
  • *Adds filtering function for all buttons in the template.
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